to all of you who recognize themselves in my work:
i'm not a hack. i don't write to please you. there's this one rule here:
if you have had even the slightest influence on my life,
i. will. write. about. you.
deal with it.
happy reading!

вторник, 7 април 2015 г.

road signs

i often make up words
for things that no one
else understands:

oases | tide waves | flipping
coins | black n blue | blood n
truth |  heroes |  allies

these are my tarot cards
my cracked road signs

i tried to find myself
but all i managed to find was
an identity
you can steal that
you can borrow that;
your false leads are
the enemy
so put the deck back
and behind the hand
you've dealt find
the self in the dark
while it's still there

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