to all of you who recognize themselves in my work:
i'm not a hack. i don't write to please you. there's this one rule here:
if you have had even the slightest influence on my life,
i. will. write. about. you.
deal with it.
happy reading!

събота, 1 февруари 2014 г.


you never really say aNything
when i keep the lights on
long after sleepIng hour
because i talk to strangers on the web;
baCk home exhausted and you
never really do anything,
waiting for me by the door
to come in;
11 pm. and we just walked in,
you ask me how i like my coffee,
buy me dark chocOlate because i'm vegan,
don't wait a second when i'm down
to tell me how beautiful i am;
silly jokes and Lazy mornings,
cold nights and bus stops,
subway rides and rating guys,
moviE evenings and 2 am on an exam night,
howling and laughing against the moon;
i owe you more time and money than anyone else,
you never ask for anything in return.
my favoriTe album in your hands,
my friends = your friends,

the future is Absolutely undefined,
but as long as you're here...
i'm perfectly fine.

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